In this step-by-step process, we optimize your profile, create the right LinkedIn marketing strategy for you, produce a calendar of content ideas for you to update your LinkedIn on a daily basis—with two weeks of content to get you started! 

"Very Organized and Easy to Follow!"

"It was great! Very informative and very detailed. I loved that it was all in one place and gave me examples of not only text but graphics as well. Your team did an excellent job laying it out. It doesn't feel as overwhelming as I anticipated it feeling."

- Christina Lambert, Managing Director at


To help you influence your target market on LinkedIn so you can get more qualified leads, stay top of mind with your trusted relationships, and provide relevant posts that drive engagement and keep you front and center in the eyes of your top prospects and referral partners.


● We schedule a 60 minute strategy session with           you 
● ​You fill out the Pre-Workshop Questionnaire 
● Attend your 60 minutes strategy + content 
   brainstorm session 
​● Within 2-4 weeks we deliver your LinkedIn
   Authority Blueprint
●​ Discuss options and next steps for maximizing           your presence on LinkedIn

"This Blueprint is High Quality"

"Working with Joe and his Team at Ajax Union to create our LinkedIn Authority Blueprint helped us have a roadmap for success to generating leads on LinkedIn. I highly recommend any CEO or business professional that wants to have a presence on LinkedIn that is strategic and ROI driven to hire the team at Ajax Union to create this LinkedIn blueprint for your business. The work was high quality and exactly what we were looking for, I am very happy with the results."

- Sean McEntee, Principal at Air Ideal

"This Was a Great Experience!"

"It's great. It's enlightening. You learn a lot. I learned a lot about LinkedIn in our phone calls. I was taking a risk and a chance on trying something new, and now... I'm going to do LinkedIn! I know I'm not doing LinkedIn the way most people do it, but I want put my foot in the water and see what happens. This was a great experience!"

- Adam Bacall, EVP at Office Resources Inc.


Audio Assets created from the Strategy Session Interview
These can be used as media on your profile, and as Engaging content for posts on LinkedIn!

We create a Canva account for you and start you off with two branded assets (complete with placeholder language
so that you can create your own infographics to share on LinkedIn.


Become an All Star!

Before, this client did not have a summary or media. His skills were not relevant to his work. His headline didn't spark interest. His profile was not complete.

By adding a summary, he became an All-Star Profile on LinkedIn!

Below, check out a few examples of the blueprint dashboard we create for you

Content Calendar - 13 weeks of ideas of content for you to post

Asset Library full of all your assets to draw from as you post on LinkedIn each day

Sample Content - 10 weeks of READY-TO-GO, 
for you to post on LinkedIn

The Blueprint also comes with...

  • ​Connections: Organize your connections by strategical importance, so you can target your engaging and messaging efforts on LinkedIn
  • DM Strategy: Messages for you to copy as you send direct messages to your connections. We also tell you when to send the messages. 
  • Notes: The detailed notes from the strategy session, so you can create more content.


Less than 1% of the 500 million professionals on LinkedIn are posting regularly because they don’t have a clear strategy. 

"Using LinkedIn will be far more useful"

"The LinkedIn Authority Blueprint was great because it made me think a lot about our business in new ways.  Having the dashboard that Ajax Union created has allowed me to re-prioritize my time going forward to make LinkedIn a priority. 
Now, I can communicate with potential clients on LinkedIn rather than via email, so they can see my profile and verify my expertise. Using LinkedIn will be far more useful once I have established content and I am active.

- David Swidler VP, Long Island Carpet Cleaners
STEP 1: Pre-Session Questionnaire
Once you sign up, we will schedule a strategy session and send you a pre-workshop questionnaire that you can fill out. This will take you about 1 hour to fill out and it will guide our strategy session. Please take your time filling out the answers to the questions.
STEP 2: Strategy Session
This is a comprehensive 90 minute marketing strategy session that is recorded via online video or over the phone.

In this strategy session we go over your business goals and tie them to some tangible marketing goals so you can determine your ROI.

Once we have clear goals, we then identify the right target market for your business. The target that your referrals will be most likely to refer to you on a regular basis. The target that will allow you to enjoy your work and still make a good profit.

With your goal and target in mind we still need to define your ideal messaging.

The message will include your value proposition to that target market based on their needs, desires, dreams, problems, pains and fears.

We want people to take action. People are motivated by their emotions, and they back up their emotions with logic.

So, coming up with the right messaging to communicate with in your strategy is key.

Now that we have your goal, target and message, we can begin to work on the elements that need profile optimization.

We think up a great headline, educate you about a photo and background photo.
We talk about what needs to go into your summary, and then discuss your work history and story.
We also look at your skills and recommendations and create a plan to make sure you build trust on your profile.
Finally, we begin a content marketing brainstorm.

We talk about the questions that your clients have been asking you, and the questions they should have been asking you but haven't.
We talk about your competitors and how you stand out.
We talk about the education that you want to provide to your clients and the thought leaders that inspire you.
We learn about where to find videos, articles, podcasts, information that we can identify for your asset library, and we brainstorm ideas to capture the minds of your target audience. 

When you finish this 90 minute virtual strategy session with our team of experts, we are now armed with the right information to build out your dashboard, optimized your profile, and create your content calendar to help you build out your library of assets.
STEP 3: Follow Up Call
Within 2-4 weeks of our strategy session, we have a call to review your dashboard, your optimized profile, and your content calendar with ideas for assets.

At that point you can start promoting yourself, or you can have us begin creating the content for you and start promoting on your behalf.

We recommend posting at least one evergreen article each month as the foundation of the monthly theme. From that article, you can create images, audio, video, short blurbs, memes and posts.
Daily posting is the best way to stay top of mind with your ideal prospects and referrals partners.
Having this LinkedIn Authority Blueprint will ensure that you are doing marketing on LinkedIn the right way so you can get more qualified leads, referrals, and grow your business efficiently.
Frequently Asked Questions
What results can I expect?
This is a strategy session and 2 weeks of content. 
We are giving you the ideas and clarity for what content you need based on your goals and ideal target client. Once you have the right messaging ready you can spend time on LinkedIn more effectively. The results that you are are entirely based on your goal and what you put into your activity. 

For example, I want to speak to 80 people a month using linkedIn direct messaging. I use this blueprint to have the right messages created for the right people and I have someone reaching out to 2000 people each month. 80 of them actually get on the phone with me. Because they are ideal, we end up generating 20k in new business each month from these activities. We also have a 2 million dollar pipeline for next year. We are getting results and our clients that actually use the strategy are getting these types of results as well. BTW the reason why so many people respond to our messages is because they see our content going out daily in their feed!
Can I invite some of my co-workers and partners to the strategy session?
You can invite anyone you want to join you in the strategy session. As long as they add value to the conversation, the key is for our time to be productive. Make sure that person also contributes to the questionnaire as well so you are both on the same page before the strategy session.
What else can I be doing with the marketing strategy we will create?
You can use the concepts in sales presentations, you can use the ideas for other social media platforms, you can use the strategy to help drive your email campaigns and videos. There are many uses for these amazing content ideas that we will be generating as part of the LinkedIn authority Blueprint.
What if you optimize my employees profile and they leave our company?
You can use the blueprint to optimize any future employees profile as well. The blueprint includes the ideas you need to grow your business and get more clients.
How can we be sure that you understand our business?
If you do not understand your business, it would be very hard for you to explain it to us. Because of that we ask you many questions on the questionnaire that will help you describe your business to us. We have yet to find a company that we did not understand after going through our robust process.
What if I do not have a clear target market and I want to focus on the masses?
You cannot be successful on LinkedIn creating content for everyone and anyone. You must pick a target market. If you are not willing to do that, your content will not stand out and will not be meaningful to anyone. If you are targeting everyone, you are not going to get to your goal using LinkedIn and this program might not be as effective for you.
Can you also manage our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for us?
As part of our full service clients we do everything for a B2B company. We can develop your full blown business strategy, create your assets for your marketing funnel, create email automations and drive traffic with SEO, SEM and Email marketing. We do full service social media management on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All this is not included in the "LinkedIn Authority Blueprint." You can use this strategy to support other platforms though.
What is your guarantee if I am not satisfied with the service you are offering?
We guarantee that you will have a questionnaire, a video that is recorded and the blueprint for you to use. If you are not satisfied with the actual strategy that gets produced we can offer you coaching for an additional fee to help you create a better business strategy that you will be satisfied with. We are taking what is in your head and getting it down on paper for you to be able to market yourself properly.
How does the LinkedIn Authority Blueprint help with SEO?
When we give you profile optimization tips we recommend that you add keywords to you profile that would help you rank in search results inside LinkedIn and on the web.
What else does Ajax Union provide in terms of marketing services?
Ajax Union is a B2B Digital Marketing Agency, We develop full blown business strategies, create your assets, leadmagnets, landing pages and case studies for your marketing funnel, create email automations and drive traffic with SEO, SEM and Email marketing. We do full service social media management on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Do I have to have a LinkedIn premium account to be able to use this service?
You do not have to have a LinkedIn Premium account to be able to use our LinkedIn Authority Blueprint strategy session but we highly recommend that you get premium if you plan on using LinkedIn for prospecting and generating business. One of the key features is that you are able to see WHO views your profile and reach out to them. This is powerful in terms of closing new business.
What are you waiting for? Get started today! 
The LinkedIn Authority Blueprint Will...
  • Organize your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy with two strategy sessions
  • Optimize your LinkedIn Profile
  • Give you a blueprint from which to post and engage on LinkedIn
  • Provide the missing strategy component for your current execution
  • Make you more confident in your LinkedIn presence

"I am excited to execute!"

“The Blueprint is GREAT! Fantastic value. The strategy gives me a framework for understanding how to use LinkedIn. I really appreciate quality, clear, tools like this. I love systemizing and organizing my posts. Each post is extremely valuable. I see where the puck is going, and I am excited to execute!” 
- Chanan Kaufman, GoInspire
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**If you are unhappy for absolutely any reason at all, let us know before your strategy session and you will get a full refund within 24 hours.

"I can now build real relationships on LinkedIn"

“The Blueprint prepared me to make stronger connections and simultaneously growing my business by posting things that are relevant to- and engaging with- the community. I can now build real relationships on LinkedIn.
I like the LAB process. I would never have done this on my own. The Ajax Union method helped me engage with LinkedIn in a strategic way, and develop a path forward for growth. The content calendar is straightforward and easy to understand. I also appreciate how it establishes a rhythm, giving me a great foundation to build off of as I continue to grow my LinkedIn.”
- Michael Dye, Cloud9 Smart
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