"The Right Strategy Will Save You a Decade" - Tony Robbins
Do you have a written marketing strategy for your business?

"Ajax Union genuinely cares about their clients"

"Ajax Union genuinely cares about their clients. I interact with so many vendors that do not take the time to get to know our business and just do whatever they were going to do.  Ajax Union and the LinkedIn Authority Blueprint is the exact opposite."

- Joanna Pawlowska, VP, United Public Adjusters
In this step by workshop we:
* Revamp your marketing strategy
* Solidify and/or revamp your brand
* Messaging
* Document your existing strategies, buyer personas, and marketing/brand attributes 
set digital marketing priorities
* Identify new marketing opportunities
* Facilitate team collaboration
* Align your team vision, goals, and initiatives
* Have fun!


1. Ajax Union sends you a pre-workshop questionnaire.

2. You return the completed questionnaire 2 days prior to your workshop date. 

3. Ajax Union hosts workshop with you and your team (virtually or in person)

4. Ajax Union’s team compiles your workshop findings report along with all other deliverables.

5. Ajax Union presents findings and marketing strategy.

Call to confirm your needs, budget and availability as well as our availability. 
Send you pre-workshop questionnaire to fill out and we schedule workshop.
The process is usually completed in 2-3 weeks from when we complete the exercises.

Pre-workshop Questionnaire
We send you a detailed questionnaire to fill out. This helps us learn about your company quickly and get on the same page.

Ajax Union Preparation + Industry Research 
Review your pre-session questionnaire
Review your website
Review your leader’s LinkedIn profile(s)
Review your competitor’s digital presence (website, social media, paid advertising, etc) 
Review your existing marketing (website, social media, email, etc)

Ajax Union Brainstorm and Workshop Preparation
Brainstorm initial marketing strategy  
Prepare for workshop day

Components of your workshop will be customized based on your pre-workshop questionnaire to ensure we’re focusing our agenda around areas that will be the most valuable for your business.

Core values 

Company Exploration 
* Business-specific questions to understand your business and your industry

Branding Questions
* How do you want your brand to be portrayed?

Goal Setting
* What are your business and revenue goals? 
* How many accounts do you want? 
* What is your customer lifetime value?
* What is your cost per acquisition? 

Company Exercises
* Empathy Map
* SWOT Analysis 
* Content and strategy brainstorm
Review Plan of Action
* What we need to do
* What you need to do
* What you can expect + timeline


Current Brand Assessment
* Core values/company beliefs
* WHY statement
* Competitor analysis
* SWOT analysis
* Personality Spectrum
* Persona / funnel based messaging 
* Company persona

Research / Branding Checklist
* Personality spectrum analysis
* Moodboards
* Color analysis
* Typography
* Real world type applications

* Key marketing messaging
* Positioning
* Mission statement

* Ongoing marketing strategy

Workshop Findings Report
* Comprehensive document outlining  your Goals + Priorities, Business Benchmarks, Marketing & Sales Goals, Internal Objectives (HR, culture, communication, etc)

Target Market 
* Buyer Persona
* Competitive Analysis covering your competition's social media, website, paid advertising, and organic ranking on search engines

Funnel Messaging 
* Top of the funnel
* Middle of the funnel
* Bottom of the funnel 
Marketing Audits 
Inform the strategy for briefs below. If you have an internal team these audits can inform your team on changes and improvements they can make. If you do not have an internal marketing team, we can implement the findings of the audits for you.
* Google Ads audit
* SEO audit 
* Website audit 
* Social media audit
* UI/UX audit
* CRO audit
* Website Health Check 
* LinkedIn Profile Audit

Marketing Briefs
* Social Media Strategy (LI, Twitter, IG, FB)
* Paid Social Media Advertising Strategy (LI, FB, IG)
* Email automations
* Email newsletters
* LinkedIn outreach
* Google Ads strategy
* Funnel Strategy
* SEO Strategy

* Lead Tracking (Who visited your website?)
* Mouseflow (What did they do on your website?) 
* Call Tracking (What did they say when they called your company?)
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